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Dear Friend

How can we get the world together?

Going on the internet gives an illusion of unity with billions of browsers united in their encounter of scores of world views.


Even sharing life with 2000 villagers can’t hide the differences among us about what is actually true.

Westerners working in Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist countries marvel at the way people are united in their vision and values compared to the fragmentation of our own culture which is so often to our disadvantage.

The figure of Jesus Christ is respected across world views as an inclusive one so much so that he appears in other religions. I have hope for bringing the world together as priest of the Church of England inasmuch as the body I serve makes space for encounter with Jesus.

To get the world together you need to get people’s attention and commitment – is there
anyone in history with more pull, more captivating or extraordinary than Jesus and his death defying credentials?

Yours in Him

Fr John



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