St Giles Church - Horsted Keynes

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Dear Friend

I’m grateful for favourable comment on my
History of St Giles Church delivered to every household through the gift of an anonymous donor.


My collaborators in this booklet were David and Sally Lamb our Churchwarden and P&P Editor who make a tremendous contribution to our common life as a village.


Last week I had the trauma of visiting a friend whose onset of dementia disturbed me greatly, so changed since I saw him a year or so back.


Communities can get amnesia and a village with fast changing population is a candidate. I’m delighted to have provided a guide to St Giles which so much makes Horsted Keynes what it is.


Let’s keep up conversations started from the fascinating tales in A History of St Giles Church and may I mention in this context the Historical Society talk on Robert Leighton by Ann Govas and I in St Giles on Tuesday 28th July?


Have you noticed the cleaning of Leighton’s tomb by the south east wall of St Giles? Go up to it when next you pass by and view his Archbishop’s cross now revealed by the gift of another donor.


Dusting down tombs or memories of how we came to be where we are has its place in maintaining a healthy community for our sense of heritage lends us confidence to face the future as a village.


Yours in the Lord of history

Fr John




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