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Dear Friends


I went up The Shard last month.

Looking down we saw the sorrowful red poppies at the Tower of London representing the fatalities of World War One.

We also saw a brilliant hopeful rainbow descend on St Paul's Cathedral.

God looks down he surely sees sorrow and hope.

Christmas is about God not just ‘feeling for our sadness’ but doing something about it.

God has no Shard-like aloofness from our human condition but took it, shed his blood for it and has raised up co-workers to comfort its sadness.

The hope of Christmas traces a rainbow in the rain of earth's sorrows in which the work of St Giles takes its part.

Like The Shard our spire points up, up to God ‘born to raise the sons of earth’.

Are you prepared to accept that lift - and to be part of its ongoing prayerful and practical impact on earth’s sorrow?

Happy Christmas when it comes!

Fr  John


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