St Giles Church - Horsted Keynes

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Dear Friends

Who will
you vote for on 7th May?

I hope you
will vote and so take responsibility with me for choosing leaders for nation and village.

I suggest to you three questions worth asking that address the moral basis of things.

Which party will best counter discrimination against ‘second class citizens’ of the UK and the world especially those who live in hunger?

The national debt sours relations between generations. Will the party I vote for have a sound strategy for decreasing it?

Has the party I cast my vote for evident determination to address the crisis impacting the world through abuse of the environment?

T.S. Eliot wrote of the futility of
dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good. Every party stands or falls on personnel as much as policy. This is why I must close by saluting stalwart village Councillors standing down this month, notably Rory Clarke after 45 years and Jim Brimfield after 25 years, whose contributions we have greatly valued.

Yours in Christ

Fr  John



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