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Dear Friends


Our thanks to Freeman Brothers who employ Kevin Scott of Chapel Lane for renovating the war memorial free of charge.


The 33 names of those who died in World War One whose centenary we"re now marking shine out afresh on our village war memorial.


They are in black set on grey granite.


That blackness reflects the horror of war, young lives wrenched prematurely from the earth and the broken hearts they left behind.


To speak of their sacrifice is difficult. As one mother praised by Queen Mary for sacrificing her son replied, "It was no sacrifice ma"am since I did not want to give him".


Many of the names on our war memorial are of men who were themselves unwilling victims of the national cause, though many did make generous self offering.


Sacrifice is about love and not death.


No community - village, town, national or international - can prosper without altruism. Our own village relies on the sacrificial service of a handful of people who as councillors, Brownie leaders, hall secretaries, neighbourhood watch and so on give out to the benefit of us all.


God use the memory of our war dead to raise up fuller service by individuals of the common good. As Jesus Christ said "Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it". (Luke 17:33)


Communities need loving service as much as individuals need to lose the ultimately false security of self interest.


Yours in Christ

Father John



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