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Horsted Keynes

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Santa Lucia Hattie & Boy Bishop Freddie
Santa Lucia Hattie &
Boy Bishop Freddie

Thought for the Week

This morning as promised I’ve some thoughts for you if you’re undecided what to do, or not to do, in Lent which starts on Wednesday.

We’ve got 40 weekdays for fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday - you take six Sunday’s away, since they’re always feast days, from what's otherwise 46 days.

The 40 day fast of Lent starts 10th February, with optional taking of ashes on Ash Wednesday, and ends Easter Sunday 27th March when the 50 days of Eastertide begin up to 15th May which is Pentecost orWhitsunday.

We've 40 days to rediscover the power of Christ’s Cross followed by 50 glorious days to savour his Resurrection.

What can you do on the approaching 40 weekdays of Lent to let the power of the Cross take more hold of your life? Give out - write a letteror e mail of encouragement to a different friend or colleague each weekday; give time to help a neighbour; save money on food and give it away to charity.

Give something up. Christ bore the Cross for you and fasting can remind you of that love. Just have drinks before and after eating one meal in the afternoon if family arrangements allow; give up alcohol or chocolate on weekdays.

Give out, give up - and give to the Lord in prayer. Make a weekly self examination; attend an extra weekly church group or service like going round the Stations of the Cross which you can always do on your own.

Just a few ideas - a happy and holy Lent to you!

Canon John Twisleton.

Broadcast on Premier Christian Radio on Friday 9th February 7.30am

Helping St Giles Grow

Can you spend half a Saturday gaining insight into what makes churches grow so you can help apply it here at St Giles? If so you’re most welcome to join a group of us attending a deanery day with wisdom on that subject at Ascension Church, Haywards Heath on Saturday 6th February 10am to 3.30pm. It’s called Deeper, wider, further – what makes churches grow? and the speaker is a nationally acclaimed church growth consultant, the Venerable Bob Jackson formerly Archdeacon of Walsall. There’s no charge, we bring our own lunch and drinks are provided. Sign up at the back to join Fr John, Deacon David and others on this hopefully inspirational venture.

Welcoming Church Project

In response to the diocesan invitation for parishes to seek a mission focus for 2016 St Giles PCC has decided to revisit building an annex on Church with lavatories to improve access to our worshipping community. This follows consultation with villagers, including Friends of Horsted Keynes Church. The annex project will be promoted as part of a welcoming church focus from Advent 2015 allied to the Bishop of Chichester's Year of Mercy.

El Dorado Magazine

Do take a free copy of the Guyana Diocesan Association magazine which has details of the Bishop-elect Fr Charles Davidson and highlights of Fr John's tribute to Bishop Cornell Moss at his UK memorial service in Kennington

Meet Jesus

Have you friends who want to know more about Christian belief and practice and its rationale? Why not buy them a copy of Fr John's best selling Meet Jesus? Copies available at author discount down from £7.99 at the back of Church for a £5 donation to Church on the plate or in the box.