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Here is our church of which we are very proud. There has been a good deal of work done the last few years. Much restoration has been done to the roof, the stonework has been re-pointed. A new lightning conductor has been fitted with new earthing rods and a Faraday Cage surrounds the church to protect the building if the lightning should strike a part of the building away from the spire. The clock has been refurbished with automatic winding gear for the clock and the chiming mechanism. A state of the art time keeping system changes the length of the pendulum to keep the clock chiming to within about 10 seconds of true time at Greenwich.


We have repainted and updated the Sacristry and the choir vestry and fitted new glass doors. All praise to those who contributed their time and money to the project. Our thanks are also due to English Heritage who contributed to the work.

Maintenance of a Grade 1 listed church costs money and we are now looking for new financial help for this and the addition of toilets to the church.

We can take pride in the knowledge that we pass on the church to future generations in tip top condition.


Welcome to the website of a vibrant Christian community that traces itself back to St Wilfrid"s bringing news of Jesus Christ to the Saxons in 681AD

Within the current walls of St Giles the sacraments have been celebrated, the gospel preached, prayers said and pastoral care offered for 900 years.


Today the Lord"s people gather on the Lord"s day around the Lord"s table at 8am and 10am and children are made part of that gathering through Sunday Club.

We"d love to see you gathering with us - meanwhile happy browsing!

Fr John Twisleton, Rector of St Giles


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14th October 2015



St Giles Church, Horsted Keynes

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